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Knowing God Rightly. The image we have in our mind about who God is will determine how we live our life. This image is greatly affected by those "fatherly" influences who have made an impact on us. If we believe God to be only a part of His character, then we may create an image of God in our minds that depict Him to be a harsh ruler. Or, we may view Him only as a plush Teddy Bear. With a balanced and Biblical view of God we are enabled to live a confident, Christian life even while living in a broken world.

Loving God Totally. Someone once said, "Love requires obedience." Jesus himself said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." Loving God totally is more than saying the words out loud or writing them on a social media post. Loving God totally is lived out in every day shoe leather by our actions. Loving God totally means being fully surrendered to His Word and to His will. Being fully surrendered to Him means that we give Him the authority to tell us what to do based on His Word and the leadership of the Holy Spirit AND that we actually do what He has instructed us to do. Oh, what peace we enjoy when we are "walking in the light as He is in the light" 1 John 1:7

Loving Others Selflessly. When we are born into this world we possess the natural instinct to look out for #1, ourself! Jesus taught that to truly be His disciple we had to love our neighbor as we love ourself. This means we will treat others only in ways that we would want to be treated. True love not only requires obedience or action, but it requires selfless action. By loving others selflessly we build genuine relationships with other people that are long-lasting and fulfilling. 

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